December 21, 2007

All I want for Christmas is the perfect red lipstick.

The perfect red lips that Hollywood starlets wore in the forties evoked such sexiness and sophistication that trying to replicate the same would seem impossible. However, with so much selection the choice can be stressful and overwhelming. Be it at the drugstore or department store there is such a thing as the "one". The trick is not only in finding the right hue but also in the application. The worst thing that can happen is being at the company annual Christmas party with "bleeding lips". You know the look...the one where it looks like you've been kissing under the mistletoe. However, the only thing you've come close to kissing is that martini in your hand.
The ultimate reds;
  • MAC Dubonnet
  • MAC Russian Red
  • MAC Queen's Sin
  • Vincent Longo's Cheery Lipstain
  • Revlon Love that Red
  • L'Oreal Drumbeat Red
  • NYC Retro Red
  • Maybelline Moisture Extreme in Midnight Red
It's all in the application;
  • Lipbalm-prior to lipstick application & blot with tissue
  • Lipliner-either in the matching shade of the lipstick or my fave is using a nude lipliner
  • Lipstick application-preferably with a lip brush
Whew...quite the task! However, achieving the perfect red lips is well worth the final look if done properly. Have fun because makeup should never be anything else!
(image: photobucket)

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