I'm Monica, editor and creator of beauty parler.
When I'm not working the friendly skies as a flight attendant, you can find me browsing the beauty aisle in pursuit of the latest makeup and skincare products! Sharing my experiences with you and hoping you find products you love and not so worth buying.

I wasn't born with a lipstick in hand. My beauty obsession developed in my teens. Growing up as a girly tomboy I could tough it up playing street hockey with the boys just as easy as being a girly girl in ballet class on the weekends.

In 2007 I created this blog on the request of several friends. 

I take no responsibility for creating sudden urges to shop.
Thank you for stopping by.
Monica Da Rosa

Contributor, Sidonie Wybourn joined the team in September 2013!
Read all about her & her favourite skincare products here.

Beauty Parler is a beauty and lifestyle blog based in Toronto, Canada
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