April 29, 2008

Faking it...my favourite bronzers

With Summer fast approaching (although it does not seem that way in North America) the safest and smartest method of achieving that bronze golden goddess status is to fake it like you’ve never faked it before. Besides using self-tanner (of which I am not a fan of) using bronzers are a great way to get that golden sunkissed glow. Here are my top favourite bronzers:

1. Nars Bronzing Powder
2 shades; LAGUNA & CASINO.
Packaging- compact with mirror
Retail- about $32.00 cdn.
I’ve used the LAGUNA shade (the lightest of the two) which is a golden brown with golden undertones. At first I thought it would be too dark or muddy looking but it adds the perfect warm glow to skin. It's also a long lasting powder which suits my combination skin type year round. I actually have this as part of the Laguna & Orgasm (another fave blush from NARS) duo, great buy if you want the two shades. Very worth it!

2. MAC Bronzing Powder
Packaging-compact with mirror
Retail- about $24.00 cdn
A sheer powder formula that you can layer to achieve the intensity of the “tan” you want. Long staying power, has a golden shimmer but not too sparkly and I have this in GOLDEN which is a brown/peachy shade.

3. Rimmel Natural Bronzer with SPF 8
Packaging- the clear cover tends to come off, easily fixable with an elastic (for that price works for me)
Retail- about $8.99 cdn
I’ve used the Sun Light shade, which is a brown/peachy shade with a bit of shimmer. Not as shimmery as the above two. Long lasting powder & the best price of all the bronzers listed. If testing powder bronzers for the first time this is good starter.

4. Guerlain Terracota Bronzing Powder
5 shades; TERRACOTA 1, 2, 3, 20 & only at Sephora an exclusive shade MAKE-UP ARTIST00 which is a matte golden tan (according to the web site)
Packaging- compact with mirror
Retail- about $43.00 cdn
I have this in Terracota 3 which is a warm deep bronze with slight shimmer. This is a moisturizing powder therefore I only use this in the winter as I tend to be on the oilier side in summer. Thus, if you are a dry skin gal this is the perfect bronzing powder for you. Also, out of all the bronzers this is the most expensive.

5. Vasanti Blush
Packaging-compact with mirror, only complaint is that its a smallish square shape which makes it a little ackward to swipe your brush.
Retail-about $15.00 cdn
Although this is a blush the shade ANDES doubles as a bronzer. This is better for the evening as its very shimmery. A bronze/peachy powder that is highly pigmented, so a little goes a long way.

6. Clinique True Bronze Pressed Powder
Packaging- compactwith mirror & brush which is OK for touch-ups but your better off using a your own brush
Retail-about $25.00 cdn
I have this in Sunkissed a peach/brown with golden undertones. Its an oil-free powder which is perfect for oily-combination skin types. Very sheer so you can layer to achieve the right density.

7. Dr. Hauschka Translucent Bronze
Shades; only the one
Packaging-glass bottle with pump dispenser, keep clean because prior to each use can get clumpy
Retail-about $35.00 cdn
It is the only liquid bronzer on my list. It’s a deep brown shade that you can dilute with your foundation or moisturizer. It does have a watery consistency therefore takes getting used to. This gives a great glow once you learn how to mix & blend. A pea size is all you need & dust it off with powder or blush for that perfect sunkissed glow.

8. Benefit Hoola
Shade; only one
Packaging-cardboard box with brush. Toss the brush on this one because it's scratchy.
Retail-about$34.00 cdn
This is a matte bronzer in a deep brown shade. Its great not only as a bronzer but as a contouring shade. Also, has slight fragrance which doesn’t bother me but might be an irritant for others.

To bring out the bronze goddess that you are the key with using all bronzers is to use it where the sun normally hits your face: cheeks, forehead, and nose. Happy faking-it!


  1. fantastic post on bronzers. I'm inspired to hit the cosmetic counters and the drugstore!!

  2. Great picks! Really liking the creams lately though. Love the Hauschka one... and I'd add Stila's One Step tinted primer to this list. Super obsessed with the bronzey shade lately...and it lasts!


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