April 18, 2008

Michael Kors lifestyle has opened in Canada.

Although Michael Kors' fashion can be found in Canada at stores such as Holt Renfrew the designer is opening his Lifestyle stores across Canada, beginning with Yorkdale Mall in Toronto on April 11,2008. Another two stores are expected to open at Rockland Mall in Montreal and Oakridge Mall in Vancouver.

The designer was recently in Toronto to promote the opening of his new store. This is what he has to say about Toronto;

“Fashion is speeding up so quickly now. Hollywood is shopping online the day after my show. Here in Toronto, you haven’t worn your spring clothes yet but you are fully versed in next fall. That’s why more than ever, it becomes about really knowing yourself and what works for you.” (the Toronto Star, April 12 2007)

Michael Kors also apears as a judge on the show Project Runaway. The American designer will bring Yorkdale up a notch in its attempt in marketing the mall as an upscale fashion mecca. With already a few note worthy stores under its belt, Yorkdale continues to become a one-stop shopping emporium.

above image Micheal Kors from www.michealkors.com

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