June 19, 2008

vintage inspired beauty products

I love the look of apothocary inspired beauty products. My favourite vintage looking products are not only beautifully packaged but are great products.
Here are a few of my favourites:



Founded in 1887 in Portugal, Claus Porto soaps are some of the most recognized soaps in the world due to their quality & packaging.

Claus Porto soapclaus portoclaus portoPhotobucket

They're also Oprah's fave --> http://www.oprah.com/presents/2007/holiday/gifts/gifts_oft_350_110.jhtml

Next, is the Italian toothpaste Marvis which comes in many flavours; mint, jasmine, & ginger.
http://www.beautyhabit.com/marvis.html and many other locations.

Marvis toothpastes

Another toothpaste, Couto which comes from Portugal & created in 1932. This one is only available in one flavour.

http://www.beautyhabit.com/pasta_dentrifica.html and other locations.
couto toothpaste
Next on my list is the Rosebud Perfume Company, which began as a small drugstore in Woodsboro, MD in 1895 by George F. Smith. I love the Rosebud Salve as a lipbalm!


rosebud lipbalms
rosebud balm
Lastly, Creme Benamor from Fabrica Nally, an old favourite from Portugal. Used for years as a facial anti-aging cream however I use this as a hand cream as I find the rose scent a bit strong.
The above is a great link if you can read Portuguese. A cute little vintage-inspired store called A Vida Portuguesa, in the Chiado area on the street Rua da Anchieta, in Lisbon, Portugal which sells the cream as well as Claus Porto soaps. (Creme Benamor is also widely available across grocery stores & pharmacies in Portugal. I have yet to find it sold online or outside the country)




  1. Creme Benamor brings back soooo many memories. My mom used all the time when I was little.

  2. Sometimes I use it as hand cream. Can't put it on my face the rose scent is too stong. But my grandmother used to use this on her face & she had great skin:)

  3. Oh, I don't know if you can find it somewhere else, but in A Vida Portuguesa stuff is way too expensive! Really, everytime I go there I almost die when see how much things cost :| Since I'm able to get this cream for 2€ and something and there it's something like 12€... :| But yes, it's a nice place to visit and there are some things you won't find anywhere else :)

    I just found your blog while Googling around and just loved it :)

    I'll be back

    Kiss from Portugal


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