August 20, 2008

Treat your feet well

Your feet deserve pampering, after all, they take you from A-B and are often neglected. Since I'm on my feet all day I didn't pass up the chance of trying out a couple of Summersoles products. I tried two of their products; Fragrant Footings-Foot pads, and Summersoles Stay Dry liners.
The first are foot pads that are infused with essential oils and are offered in three scents;
Bare Shoulder Smolder Jasmine
Garden Party Lemon
Kiss Me Till Morning Mint
OK, so the scent names are not exactly feet apropriately named but lets skip that part.
Fragrant Footings Foot Pads-for the balls of your feet. I tried, Kiss Me Till Morning Mint, and loved that the scent wasn't overpowering in a toothpaste kind-of-way but fragranced enough to leave a faint aroma. Aside from keeping your feet smelling nicely the foot pads actually offer light padding to the balls of your feet and don't take up room in your shoes. Package comes with two pairs ( in black or beige) & retails for $11 cdn.
SummerSoles Stray Dry Liners- are great for keeping your feet dry and from slipping and sliding. They're thin insoles that feel like suede and come in several colours; leopard (the one I got), zebra, white, black, tan, brown, rose pink, sky blue, lime, and yellow gold. My preference are the leopard and zebra print, very cute & sexy! One trimable pair in eack package & retails for $9.95 cdn.
Your feet will be happy!

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  1. oh i do believe in treating feet well! good information. thanks


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