September 02, 2008

Almost too delicious for your feet!

With Summer almost at its end its sad to say goodbye to the sandy beaches! My favourite is digging my feet in the sand & later feeling how smooth my feet are. However, that smoothness can be acheived all year long with Farm House Fresh Goods foot scrubs. Their Fine Foot Scrubs smell so delicious that your almost tempted to eat them! However, keep them away from your taste buds & divulge in any of their three scented scrubs. There is; Sugared Maple, Sweet Cream, and Whipped Honey. And if you can't decide on a scent then you can get their Trio Gift Sets! Of which are on Oprah's list of favourite items,

"Here's a trio of foot scrubs that smell so good I'm ready to serve them
over berries!"-Oprah

Earlier this Summer I had the opportunity to try out generous samples of all three & personally had such hard time choosing a favourite scent that the foot scrub trio is on my wish-list (hint-hint, nudge-nudge), therefore ladies when in doubt get all three! Made of fine grain sea salts these moisturizing scrubs will keep not only your feet polished but everywhere else you need extra TLC.

The Honey Heel Glaze is another must have for your feet! All you need is a little to seal in moisture. Rub this into your feet concentrating on the heels & your feet will loose that ashness. Made from real honey, aloe leaf juice, pineapple, & papaya fruit extracts. Comes in cute packaging (looks like a real honey jar) & includes an application brush.

Moo-ve over there's a new body milk in town! This body moisturizer smells so good your really tempted to drink it up! The Sweet Cream Body Milk moisturizer is a milky body lotion that will keep you moisturized & smelling divine all day. Infused with natural oils such as Rich Bran oil, Jojoba Seed oil, Sweet Almond, Avocado & Sesame. And look at the packaging, how cute?! A product that not only looks great but delivers.

If you love strawberries than the Strawberry Smash Double Moisturizer is what you've been looking for. Step aside miss Strawberry Shortcake! Ingredients include aloe juice, strawberry fruit extract, and shea butter. A little spread goes along way (and not on your morning toast). Also, comes in a cute vintage-inspired glass jar! Perfect hostess gift.

Now you have no excuses not to smell yummy!

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