September 15, 2008

Time to cuddle with Lagerfeld

Fashion Designers design fashion, duh! But there have been a few to go outside their realm & collaborate on other ventures such as furniture, makeup collections, video games, etc...However, there is only one designer out there who actually went the step further & quite possibly iconic enough to actually have a teddy bear resemble himself, Karl Lagerfeld. So the bear does have some sort of resemblance! The signature Lagerfeld leather gloves, sunglasses, and tie. However, is it worth the price of $1,500 usd exclusively sold at Neiman Marcus, there will be only 2500 limited edition teddy bears manufactured. The German maker of stuffed toys, Steiff, approached Lagerfeld about producing the teddy bear. The bear will have the Steiff gold button in its ear & five pivoting joints, just in case you want to make Lagerfeld dance! Its being launched this September 15th until quantities last.

"I really love animals, particularly when they are stuffed with cotton or polyester," said Lagerfeld, who grew up in Hamburg, Germany. "That way you can guarantee that they won't bite, won't claw, won't smell bad and make your things dirty." But Lagerfeld said he is not likely to take the bear to bed. "I sleep totally alone, only with myself," he said. (


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