September 11, 2008

Makeup, its not just for women!

Did you think that the only men to wear makeup were in rockbands? Or perhaps just Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean. In the past we've seen men in rock bands (or pirates) wear lots of black eyeliner, however, put down that liner because YSL has just released a concealer exclusively for men. The famous YSL Touche Eclat Radiance Touch, which acts as a highlighter/concealer for undereyes, is one of the top selling makup items across the globe. They have now launched a male friendly counterpart that is fragrance-free. A spokesman at YSL said:

"We have developed YSL Touche Eclat For Men specifically for men to help encourage men to use cosmetics as a skin enhancer, rather than to create a full makeup look." The men's version of Touche Eclat is unfragranced and gives eyes the appearance of being "more revitalised, piercing and deep". (, Sept.7,2008)

The male model that will launch YSL Touche Eclat in the U.K is former Big Brother 9 (UK) resident Stuart Pilkington. Seen below Stuart is demonstrating how easy it is for any male to use the "magic pen" as it is often referred to as. Weather that be with his shirt off or on! (Notice the black liner which he is famously known for in the U.K)

The YSL Touch Eclat will be sold at Selfridges and later in the year it wil be launched in North America for the retail price approx. $45.00 cdn.



  1. I don't think my husband will ever wear makeup. It's hard enough getting him to wear sunscreen let alone concealer! This may be more popular with younger men but for right now I'm glad I don't have to compete for counter space for my makeup train case with my husband! :-)

  2. I'm actually tempted in trying the YSL Touche Eclat male version because its fragrance-free! But I will admit that men love to try our skincare (secretly) behind our backs, epecially facial masks. But I doubt I'll find my boyfriend stealing my concealer or atleast admitting to it:)

  3. i think i like this product myself. hahahahaha. they shouldn't create it for male or female. mu is unisex IMO.

    you just like it or not, regardless sex. :P

  4. It's all about the marketing! Notice how YSL also made the male version of Touche Eclat in a pewter color vs. the gold wand.


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