October 06, 2008

"Get Positively Beautiful"

This Wednesday, October 8, I will be heading over to Sephora to check out Carmindy's (most know from TLC's What Not To Wear) new book Get Positively Beautiful. Not only will I be checking out the book, but Carmindy will be there too to launch her latest book & answering any beauty questions.
Carmindy states that her new book;

"is really my manifesto and I wrote it for all of us who struggle with negative feelings about our own beauty. According to a recent study, only 2% of women describe themselves as 'beautiful'. The media instructs women how to 'look ten years younger, 'cover up wrinkles', or 'get fuller, plumper lips'. The beauty industry and so-called beauty experts play off womens' insecurities, promising to conceal perceived flaws, contour noses, or make eyes look bigger. The underlying message? That there's something inherently wrong with the way women look and that they have to spend time, money, and energy keeping up with all the ways they should 'fix' themselves." (http://carmindy.com/newsletter/2008.10.html#article2)

In her new book she writes about changing the negative beauty perspective
that women have and using the "Carmindy Vision" in celebrating our

If your in the Toronto area:

Wednesday, October 8, 2008
Book Launch & Signing in Canada
7-9pm Sephora
131 Bloor Street West
Toronto, OntarioCanada M5S 1R1
Cross Streets: Bloor Street West & Avenue




  1. Ooooh! Take detailed notes about what she is wearing, how her MU looks and everything you can. * is a total stalker * I just want her glowy poreless skin. Please tell me she isn't poreless after looking at her, I'll feel much better. - note I'm missing her point in the book entirely w/ this type of post!

  2. how exciting! please share everything with us when you come back. thanks!


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