October 03, 2008

Halloween's Approaching...are you ready?

Every year MAC Cosmetics releases Halloween looks & if you'd like to replicate these looks you can just print off the "looks" off their site. Of course if you follow step-by-step using the exact MAC makeup they've used you'll be out about $500 cdn. But aside from the cost most of these looks you can do without the MAC or use alternative makeup from your already growing stash. To be honest this year's looks are not my favourite. There are a couple I like, and of course these face charts can lead you in the right direction of designing something original.

Very, very, scary!

(photo credit: maccosmetics.com)



  1. i can see snowkei do all the faces on her friends!!!


  2. Oh! For sure snowkei she's so talented. Does she have a blog? Or she only posts on MUA? I think Specktra too!


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