October 29, 2008

Return to Hollywood Glam

Every Wednedsay I post my favourite looks for that week on my right side-bar. However, I never actually blog post the "look of the week" on my main post page. This week is a different story because I absolutely love Christina Ricci's return to glam look. I love old Hollywood glam! However, Hollywood will never return to that era. No longer are actors referred to as "stars", now in Hollywood it seems like anyone can get their 15 minutes of fame (if not longer). There are far too many reality shows, bad actors, and those that I can't pin-point what they actually do but are famous. Anyhow, I will not rant any longer but admire Christina's Atelier Versace gown, makeup, and hair.

From the Versace site under Atelier here is the dress as modelled by Georgina Stojilkovic, and the lovely sketch.


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  1. this dress is really stunning ! love the color and the silk fabric !


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