November 05, 2008

Cosmetics Cop is coming to town!

If you haven't heard of Paula Begoun you are not a true beauty junkie. She has written several articles and books on the cosmetic industry of which I own; Don't Go To The Cosmetic Counter without Me (7th edition) and The Beauty Bible (2nd edition). She also sells her own skincare and makeup line, Paula's Choice. Which I have used in the past and are some of my favourite skincare items. I also like her blushes but can't speak about her other makeup items as I haven't used them. So, if her skincare items are some of my favourites why haven't I blogged about it? Basically, because as any beauty junkie out there knows we need our "fix". Our fix is trying everything under the sun that promises the fountain of youth, clear, glowing, wrinkle-free skin, the list can go on. Whatever your reasons are for spending your hard-earned money on the beauty industry the fact is there's also a "high" that goes with shopping for the latest in skincare and makeup. Quite frankly I don't really need that nude-coloured lipgloss that looks like every other lipgloss I already own. However, I also wouldn't have a beauty blog if I wasn't that obsessed. On a side note, my faves from Paula's Choice are;

One Step Face Cleanser (for normal/combination skin)
2% BHA Lotion (I've tried both the liquid & gel and prefer the lotion)
Soft Matte Blush (my fave shades are Sorbet-discontinued & Healthy Blush)

I highly recommend checking out her book, Don't Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me (7th ed.). Especially if your a beauty rookie! She offers valuable information and reviews about skincare items and makeup all under one cover. Of course do take her advice with a 'grain of salt', as what can work wonders for one person might not work for you. Her interviews are more of a in depth look into the formulations of beauty care items and she gives a brief background of beauty companies.
If your in the Toronto area Paula Begoun will be presenting her Skincare Mythbusting speaking tour at INDIGO books at Yorkdale Mall.

Wednesday, November 12
3401 Dufferin Street (at 401 hwy)


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