December 09, 2008

Are you ready for your Holiday work party?

holidays by beautyparler

Its that time of year again! Yup, the (dreaded) Holiday work party...ok for some it might not be that bad. However, this is no excuse not to look gorgeous. Its the one time of year where your co-workers can actually see you in something different besides that blah office wear or uniform (depending on where you work). That being said a little overboard is good, except that rule doesn't apply at the open-bar. No need to ruin a gorgeous outfit with too many martinis & blabbing about office gossip (that was suppose to be hush, hush).
As for makeup I love Jessica Alba's look; red lips, black liner, a yellow/goldish eyeshadow (I love MAC's Chrome), a hint of blush, red nailpolish (to add a bit of colour & Holiday cheer).
If your looking for the perfect red lipstick here are a few of my faves <----click from my very 1st post!

And Enjoy! its on the company:)


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