December 23, 2008

Wish me luck...I'm off to the mall

I've been been blogging for a year now & I've been reluctant to give too much information about myself away (to cyberspace that is). However, after being here (in cyberspace) I've come to meet quite a few blogger friends & realized that I've been holding back a bit. Thus, in 2009 perhaps I will become a little more open & share photos of myself. I've also come to the realization that some of my favourite bloggers are those that do share little personal tidbits into their own lives & I realize that I don't have to give out my Social Insurance number but a little info sprinkled here & there won't hurt.
So, getting back to the real purpose of my post I'm off to the mall....yes, the one-stop shopping mecca that everyone flocks to, to purchase random, generic gifts. How sad it sounds however I have two more gifts to buy & one of those gifts will be perfume (its on my mother's wish-list) & the other a shaving kit (of which is on my father's wish-list). I'm a Flight Attendant (personal tidbit alert) & I tend to buy gifts when I travel. You know, hard to find beauty and fashion items, however I do pick up treats especially one-of-a-kind items but my parents were the easiest to purchase for this year & considering that their purchases aren't exactly hard to find in Canada I've left it to the last minute because quite frankly I haven't had the time.
Therefore, I am off to the mall, wish me luck! I'm not terrified of the mall per say (because any fashionista knows that crowds in malls don't mean a thing especially during sales when we've mastered the art of grabbing that must-have Gucci clutch on clearance & upon clutching that beauty only to look up to 1000 eyes of vultures who are ready to perform a sacrifice, but with a snide smirk you proceed to the register with the pride of a gladiator). What I'm worried about is trying to find a parking spot! Holiday shoppers are the worst drivers....alas what I'd rather be doing is lying on my couch...

(photo credit: a big thanks to Decor8 for posting that wonderful pic above & linking it to SheHitPauseStudios via

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  1. hey there! merry Christmas to you!!! :)

    Goodluck with your mall trip! I hate the way they drive too! and I hate it that its so hard to look for a parking space and everyone's being a vulture trying to grab stuffs that they need :)

    Monica, nice to meet you :)


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