January 15, 2009

Miu over its Katie plus eight

Katie Holmes is the new Miu Miu model for their Spring'09 campaign, plus eight other models who are suppose to be her "accessories". The other eight models are; Darya Kurovska, Elena Lomkova, Imogen Morris Clarke, Katie Fogarty, Myf Shepherd, Sophie Srej, Tilda Lindstam, and Yulia Leontieva.

What are your thoughts on Holmes as the Miu Miu girl? I do think she photographs well but her fierce look in this pic is not my faveourite pic of her. I really liked her look a few months back when she had the bob with the bangs, I wish I could pull off that hair cut (however I would look more like Suri than Katie). Gorgeous!

(source: nymag.com, image: wwd.com via Courtesy Photo, http://katieholmes-hair.blogspot.com/)


  1. i agree with you on her hair style. I prefer the previous one better. a lot sweeter and more of mui mui's!

  2. I agree about the look! The bob with bangs was great on her. The fierce look is alright, but I didn't even really recognize her at first.

  3. Katie just does bob best. I'm not a huge fan of her as an actress, but I love, love, love the bob. (She has great hair for that style.) A story I wrote on bobs last spring included her as an example, and was the final push for me. Didn't make me look like her, which I think I hoped for (she looks amazing a lot these days) but it certainly amped up my look!


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