February 24, 2009

Time to Toss & get Organized

If you remember owning a Caboodles similar to the one on the left than your probably as old as I am. Now if your still using that same Caboodles than you seriously need to revamp your makeup stash & quick. Just please tell me your not still using that same old lipstick...if you remember Revlon's Toast of New York or MAC's Twig lipstick than you clearly are from my generation. Anyhow, time to toss that old makeup & get yourself organized. By being organized you also spend less moola because you tend to remember what you own & where you put it. And in these frugal times its time to use up what you own. Quite frankly I'm guilty too! Really how many nude lipglosses can a gal own? Putting my hand up & don't ask...too many to count. Not only is hoarding makeup taking up space but your old makeup is also hoarding bacteria. I like to keep my makeup stashed away in my vanity in my bedroom. It also means that its kept away from the humidty of the bathroom where bacteria loves the wet & humid environment. Below is a timeline guide to how long you should keep your makeup. Another rule of thumb is if it smells funny than its NOT funny to put on your face so time to TOSS! Also, there are many products that are 'organic & paraban-free' these days & these last much less.

Mascara-One to six months
Lip balm-Three months in a pot, one year in a tube
Liquid and Cream Foundations-Six to 18 months
Concealer-Six to 12 months
Pressed powder-One to two years
Loose powder-One to two years
Eyeshadow-One year
Eye and lip pencil-One year
Blush-Six to 12 months
Lipstick-12 to 18 months
Eye cream-One to six months
Sunscreen-Between one and two years
Cleansers-Six months
Toners-One year
Moisturizers-From three to 18 months
Body lotion-Three to four months
Deodorant-Ingredients are most effective for one year
Shampoo and conditioner-Up to two years, but bacteria can invade products kept in the shower and decrease shelf life.

Spice racks are a great storage solution for nail polishes plus you can paint the wood finish to match your vanity. Utensil trays are also great for storing those square makeup compacts or palettes (i.e Bobbi Brown, Vasanti Cosmetics, Scott Barnes palettes which by the way I'm sad to announce will be discontinued).

These above plastic drawers are one of my favourite storage solutions. I keep samples & store just about any cosmetics in them. IKEA also makes cute metal storage units, look for them in their Office department section.

Great place to look for these storage solutions are in the Home, Office, Craft department sections at your local Target, Wall-Mart, Zellers, and Michael Craft stores.



  1. I still have my pink glitter caboodle...

  2. LOL! Mine's in storage with Barbies in it.

  3. Great post! Oh the caboodle! Synonymous with teen angst! I actually found this great makeup case--I think it's a step up from the caboodle (but not too far up! :) Still comes in pink but has a little bit more organizing space for the makeup-aholic!


  4. Hi Tierra,
    Thanks for the link, that is a step-up:) Caboodles covered in NKOTB stickers. OK maybe not mine but my friends were.


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