March 25, 2009

Joe Who?

I have been searching every Loblaws & Great Canadian Stores (grocery stores in Canada) for stock of the new Joe Fresh Beauty line & finally found a few items (everything else was sold out). I love Joe Fresh clothing so I was excited when their makeup line was released. For those that don't know Joe Fresh, it's the creation of Joe Mimran. He is not your average Joe! This is the man that developed Club Monaco and many more other fashion brands. However, what makes Joe Fresh so great is the fashionable clothes & accessories at affordable prices. To read more on Joe Fresh click here for an article on the brand & the man Joe. Behind Joe Fresh Beauty, makeup artist Simone Otis worked as the consultant. Check out her work here!

Now on to the review! I was hoping to try out their Cheek Tint ($4 cdn) but sold out, what I did buy (literally there was nothing left) were two of their lipglosses; Sheer Pink & Ginger each at $8 cdn. I loved both of these shades! Packaged in clear slick plastic these glosses are pretty big. The applicator is a screw top brush wand. Slightly fragranced but not over bearing (thank goodness) I dislike fragranced makeup. The texture of the lipgloss is slightly tacky & a bit thick, goes on smooth & glossy. I would definitely repurchase these glosses & excited to try the rest of the line, once they restock:) I guess they are really Fresh! Rating: 5/5



  1. I saw quite a collection at My Superstore, haven't tried any of the products. Hope you can get some more on your hand to do review, as I have no idea what to pick


  2. Humm. I loved Club Monaco cosmetics. Maybe this line will may its way across the border to the States some day...what with NAFTA and all. lol :-)

  3. i like the fresh ginger!!! pretty!!!

  4. Halifax, if I buy a few more I will definitly review!P.S-I haven't forgotten to announce the giveaway I'm just waiting on the PR company to get back to me, I'll post the winner soon:)
    Elvira, the Club Monaco Cosmetics crossed my mind when I saw Joe Fresh, I'm thinking they used the same manufacturer for Joe Fresh just because it was the same Joe who created that line.
    Jojoba, the Ginger is pretty!

  5. Sheer Pink looks lovely! Sheer and pigmented!

  6. You reminded me my stash of Joe Fresh stuff is sitting around my house somewhere - off to look for it this weekend!


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