March 13, 2009

memory lane {retro ads}

I love looking at old beauty ads, its fun to see how beauty tools & cosmetics have changed (or lack thereof). One thing that I noticed about most of these ads is the written content whereas today there is no long write-up about the product. Enjoy & I'm sure you'll have a few giggles too:)
1972 Panasonic hairdryer ad-I don't get this ad!

1972 Sun-in ad, Who remembers Sun-in? Your hair would would turn orange not California beach blond.

Max Factor 1972-I always swim with makeup ha!ha!

Can't believe Great Lash has been around this long (since 1971) & still rated #1...well not in my opinion

1973 Maybelline ad

1975 'Super' Lashmaker, look at that wand! That looks like alot of work.

1956 Avon ad

1973 Herbal Essences ad, by the way don't forget to enter the Herbal Essences GIVEAWAY1973 Coppertone ad, "Pass the butter, please!" yikes!

(, from the group Retro Beauty & Cosmetics Group & Vintage Beauty of the 70's, 80's)



  1. Omigod I LOVE these. I remember some of them. And yeah, I don't get Great Lash either. No makeup artist I ever talk to likes it either. Someone did once, and some people still do, but I don't know them.

  2. Saw it on pinterest. Great ads and lot of memories. Thanks!


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