March 02, 2009

Solid Gold {Fall'09}

Looks like Fall'09 is all about the gold! And I'm not referring to gold jewelery a la Mr.T but gold clothing. The first image that came to mind was the hit dance/music countdown show, Solid Gold. Please tell me that some of you remember this show? Or am I that old LOL! Other images that come to mind are Dallas (the show), Knots Landing, and Dynasty. Gold is all about the drama & these shows had all that but so did the 80's, go big or go home! Everything was, shoulder pads, hair, shoulder pads, ok so I mentioned that already but seriously big hair & shoulder pads are like peanut butter & jelly you can't have one without the other. Although my focus here with my pics is not the hair & shoulder pads it is about the gold. And that is Drama my friends more so than hair & shoulder pads, now the question is can you get away with wearing this shade or leave it on the runway?

Marc Jacobs Fall'09

Marc Jacobs Fall'09

Etro Fall'09

Badgley Mischka Fall'09

Alberta Ferretti Fall'09
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  1. I didn't think you were old enough to remember Solid Gold. Damn. that song is stuck in my head now!!! Sorry but gold does not do it for me. I guess this fall I'll be stuck to my boring all black look that I sport all year long.
    BTW Here are the words
    The music has magic, you know you can catch it.
    If you let the songs take control the sound starts to glisten.
    The more that you listen and slowly it turns into gold.

    Solid Gold - Filling up my life with music
    Solid Gold - Putting rhythm in my soul
    There's song that's unreeling
    To fit the way that I'm feeling
    My head keeps spinning to music; spinning to gold.

    I've come to discover that music's a lover.
    It's heat keeps me warm when I'm cold.
    The beat starts to bend me. The melodies send me.
    And everything melts into gold


  2. Hi Elvira,
    You remember the words LOL! Wow! I was very young but I remember the show, also having older siblings helped.:0

  3. LOL. I don't remember the words. I had to look them up on google....but now I have the words running through my head.

  4. Elvira I thought you had an amazing memory but now I know google helped LOL!

  5. thanks for the visit and lovely email

    loove aeon mall!

    i am pretty keen on gold shadows lately
    nice to see more gold around


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