April 16, 2009

bringing Sexy back {smooth legs}

With warmer weather just around the corner (hopefully in North America) showing some leg season is fast approaching & are you ready? With Gillette's help that won't be a problem. I tried out a few of their latest new razors & shaving cream and my legs are thanking me:) Sometimes you just don't have the time or patience for waxing & Gillette razors offer the convenience of quick painless hair removal.

Venus Embrace: Gillette's first razor with 5 blades, you can't miss a hair with that many blades, this razor definitely leaves legs smooth & all you need is one stroke. Package comes with one razor, two refill cartridges, & a shower pod (has suction cups which stays put in the shower). Retails for approx. $15.99 at most food, drug, grocery, and mass merchandise stores. Available in two colors: purple & turquoise. Would repurchase!

Venus Spa Breeze: 2-in-1 Razor with shaving gel bars. I thought this was an interesting idea, cut out the need for a seperate shaving gel/cream. This is a 3 blade razor & works just as well as the above razor with 5 blades, I must add that my hair is not that thick so this is probably why it worked just as well. I love the scent of these razors! The website labels the scent as white-tea but it just smelled floral to me. It took me a while to get used to the built in shaving gel bars & would use shaving gel beforehand because I'm so used to it. Comes with one razor & two refill cartridges & compact for storage. Retails for approx. $12.99 & available at food, drug, and mass merchandise stores. There is also the disposable razor option with a tropical scented handle if you don't want to be buying refill cartridges.

SatinCare Lavender Shave Gel: I loved this shaving gel!! Gel foams into a creamy lather & I love lavender so this gel was perfect for me. Also available in 6 other scents! Retails for approx. $3.99

*All prices are in Canadian dollars.

(photo credits: gillettevenus.ca)

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