May 26, 2009

on the go {travel essentials}

As many of my frequent readers know I'm in the travel business...flight attendant. Which means that I need products that are travel friendly. For anyone that has travelled and seen an inside of a hotel bathroom those wall mounted "fry my hair crispy" machines are better left on the wall. Don't even bother, your better off letting your hair air dry. However, since I have a certain "professional, well-groomed" look that needs to be maintained for my job, the last thing I need is to look like I stuck my finger in an electrical outlet. The nest that sits on top of my head needs alot more than 1200 watts of hot air to get it smooth and sleek. Eureka! I've found my travel hair dryer, Hot Tools Ionic Anti-Static 1875 watts Travel Dryer. I recently purchased this little gem at the Toronto Barber & Beauty Supply store for $35.00. So, its not exactly as small and light as I'd like but it does fold up nicely.

Fast Dry 1875 watts - high airflow and maximum heat for faster drying
Ion on / off switch
4 speed / heat options
Folding handle ideal for travel
Worldwide dual voltage
Cool shot for setting the style
Concentrator nozzle
Hanging ring / cord guard
Swivel cord
Low EMFs
One-year warranty
ProGuard® safety plug with test and reset features for immersion shock protection (
The best part is that this hair dryer is just as good as my beloved Avanti Ultra hairdryer and I no longer have that "rolled out of bed fried nest hair" when gone longer than two days from home.
Next on my must have list is a Conair® Personal Humidifier, purchased from Avon. Yup, you heard me, Avon. Avon does not just sell cosmetics, they actually sell some really good gadgets which I just happened to find a month ago in the catalogue.
This portable, compact and convenient humidifier adds moisture to any room, alleviating dry conditions. LED light glows when in use.
Requires batteries (not included) and is USB adaptable.
Fill with cool or warm water.
Plastic. 10.5 cm H x 7.5 cm W x 10 cm L (4 1/4 x 3 1/4 x 4”).
Washable filter
Mist adds moisture to indoor air
Silent operation
I love this cute humidifier! Of course its small so don't expect this to humidify to the extent of a larger home humidifier. I place this on the night table facing me and works well.
Price $30 cdn
If your a frequent traveller you should definitely have a look at these two travel essentials. Happy travelling!
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  1. Ah! Flight attendant! For some reason I had it in my head that you were a makeup artist! :) Great essentials! I must admit I never bring any hair dryers/straighteners with me, but then get upset when I have super flat hair..

  2. I never use to bring "tools" with me either but I just couldn't take those hotel dryers anymore, with the exception of the Sao Paulo hotel I stay at which has a pro dryer:) Makeup artist? Interesting choice:)


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