May 08, 2009

Sun essentials {Miami here I come}

Miami beach essentials
Miami beach essentials by beautyparler on

Sun, Sand, Beach, Bikini, Art Deco, Cuban sandwiches, House & Latin music and lastly the soundtrack to Miami Vice. That's what I think of when I think Miami! I'll be going on a mini-vacay early next week & it will be my first time there. I only have four days there so most importantly will be chilling on the beach & shopping at the outlet malls. First off, the States has way better outlet stores than Canada & the prices are much better. But now on to the beauty essentials. Read my post about the products I usually travel with, here! Since I'm headed to the beach most of my beach worthy products are much bigger than the allowed permitted liquids. For more info on the permitted liquids for travel check out this post, click here again. Of course I will bring alot more makeup than the above collage, but the above are my must-haves.

Nars Multiple
Cover Girl's Lash Exact mascara
Elizabeth Arden's 8 hour cream
Olay Daily Cleansing Cloths (these are really good because they come dry-good for travel-and lather well with just a bit of water. Also acts as a light manual exfoliator)
LUSH's Sympathy for the Skin body lotion
Olay Complete Defense SPF 30 Daily UV moisturizer
Stila Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15
Revlon Professional Equave Conditioner (I use this spray all the time but this is a must for the beach. Spray in hair after you've been for a swim). There is also two other versions; one specifically for the beach & a purple spray for highlighted/blonde hair.
Joe Fresh Beauty lipgloss for Happy Hour:)
Nivea Sunblock (I stock up on this when in Brazil or Europe)
Joico Violet Colour Endure conditioner to keep my highlighted hair from going brassy
TVAL skincare Light & Airy moisturizer


  1. Enjoy your mini-vacation! Drink an extra umbrelly drink for me LOL

  2. Thanks! I'll have more than one for you:)


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