May 11, 2009

Super Motivation

My favourite supermodel of all time & one of the originals to actually be worthy of the title "super"model is Cindy Crawford. Hands down she has always been one of my faves! Of course there are others who are just as gorgeous like my boyfriend's ultimate Canadian Linda Evangelista. Back in November'08 Vogue Paris' age issue featured 42 year old Cindy Crawford looking as fabulous as usual. But the picture that really stood out for me was the one of her in a black swimsuit...mon dieu! Now if that pic doesn't motivate you to workout than I'm not sure what else can. Putting vanity aside my reasons to workout are mostly to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Or in my case getting my a** off the couch and taking care of myself. Let's face it ladies (boys can keep on reading too), no matter what we smear on our faces nothing radiates a healthy glow like a good workout. And now for the pics that are going up on my motivational board:)

(photo credit: Jezebel, Vogue Paris)

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  1. nothing radiates a healthy glow like a good workout...thats so true


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