June 01, 2009

Get Moisturized with LUSH {reviews}

Who wants dry, scaly skin in the Summer? Not me. Especially flaky skin on the legs & heels of your feet. Summer is the season that we can finally show some skin and because I live in the "Great White North", that means two full months of warm, sunny weather. Therefore, you can bet that these legs and arms are out in full swing. Thankfully, LUSH offers some really great moisturizers:

Sympathy for the Skin-this vanilla/almond custard scented lotion is a real treat for the skin. Don't let this light lotion fool you because its very moisturizing. Thick lotions are not always the most moisturizing & this one proves that. Ingredients such as vanilla, sweet almond oil, cocoa, and banana (to name a few) are found in this lovely moisturizer. Best to use once out of the shower & let it sink in. Your skin will love you for it!
Retails $23.95 CDN 240g

Vanilla Delite-this is the latest addition to their moisturizer family. This lovely cream moisturizer comes in a bottle instead of a tub, why? Because this "delite" moisturizer is exactly that, "lite" as in light. LUSH creams that come in the black pots are thicker & the ones in bottles are lighter creams. Although its a lighter consistency than other LUSH creams its packed with moisturizing ingredients; such as coconut, Hawaiian tamanu & monoi oils. The best part is the vanilla bean/coconut scent, pure heaven!
Retails $24.95 CDN 250g

Dream Cream-one of LUSH's top sellers, this is the thickest of the above two moisturizers. This is an excellent product for those really dry areas such as elbows, knees, heels, OK basically anywhere. The scent is a mix of herbal, oatmeal, rose water. For those that are familiar with LUSH, this scent reminds me of the Angels on Bare Skin Cleanser. I love putting this on before I go to bed, I wake up with soft, hydrated skin.
Retails $24.95 CDN 240g
For more info on LUSH check out their website, you won't be disappointed! And YES you can smell this store from a mile away but that's because of the combo of all their products under one roof. I find that their products are lightly scented once applied & do fade a bit, so step into LUSH & discover a few of my faves.
(credit: lush.ca)


  1. I've been burned by so many cleverly-packaged beauty products over the years, I've gotten a little cynical. But I've heard SUCH consistently good things about LUSH! Must be worth trying something new for once. :)

  2. Its always good to ask for samples first if you want to take the plunge. Although all three of those moisturizers are great my ultimate fave is Sympathy for the Skin. I've just finished a tub & have to go in for another:)


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