June 23, 2009

home skincare 101 {Dermalogica}

Yesterday I attended my first ever event for bloggers which was held at The International Dermal Institute (Dermalogica). I guess you can say my cherry was popped and I even left with a goody bag full of skincare items, now that's a date. Having used Dermalogica products in the past I was thrilled to have been invited. Psst! You must try the Special Cleansing Gel cleanser, Daily Microfoliant and on my shopping list the Precleanse. Reviews to follow in the next few weeks! It was an educational and hands-on workshop that involved us removing all our makeup (yikes...it wasn't so bad) and learning about using skincare products properly. Overall, a wonderful night and I finally met a few bloggers in person. Check out their lovely blogs here:

Lastly, the Dermalogica goody bag pic...

(a big thank you to Dermalogica & the Marquis Group)


  1. I LOVE Dermalogica and cant get enough of their products! I cant live without the microfoliant and ultracalming cleaner.

    The flagship store here in London runs free classes like the one you described for anyone interested in learning more about skin care. They are alwasys really intersting and very hands on which is fantastic - plus they are generous with the freebies which is lovely.

    Glad you had a fun time :)

  2. oh i am jealous. i love dermalogica too, great products, great results... the freebies look very generous, the london classes sound interesting too. thanks.

  3. Really LOVE Dermalogica! I just wrote a review on their Daily microfoliant which is working brilliantly for me!

    I haven't ever got to a "real" salon, just bought stuff online...MUST get to have a facial one of these days!!!

  4. CeeGee, if you haven't yet you should check out the Special Cleansing Gel, Its really good especially for oily to normal skin gals.


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