June 27, 2009

the Politics of Blogging {recap of the last few days in the beauty blogging community}

In the blogging world there is drama and politics, unfortunately. That being true in any realm and we all see it a work. However, the net is an open book and within the blogging community "drama" was/is expected. I'm not going to repeat what my fellow bloggers have written so well. So grab a latte and get comfortable:

For myself, blogging was a result of being a member on a couple of beauty communities such as makeupalley, Specktra, and makeuptalk. I enjoy & continue to be member of those sites because of my obvious love for beauty & skincare items. Blogging for me is a hobby! Its not a "money making machine" and I don't do it to receive free products. Yes, I have received generous samples & full -size products however my philosophy is if I'm not pleased with the products than I don't review them. Also, if I feel that the products being offered are products that I would never personally purchase than why would I want to review them. My philosophy is to write honest reviews based on my own personal experiences with beauty products and hope that others can make their own purchasing decisions based on those experiences (or prevent others from spending money on products that will sit on their shelves). I try to write in a conversational manner because quite frankly I'm not writing a thesis and rather write the way I speak. At the end of the day I write this blog because I have fun with it & love meeting others who have the same interest. That's the most important thing...to do what you love and enjoy:)

What are your thoughts on the above post links? Why do you read blogs? Or any other comments.



  1. I definitely agree with you. If I attend a PR event and I did not have a great experience (in terms of rude people and not boredom), I will not write about it at all. Bad publicity is still publicity and why should I spend my time writing on an unfortunate event?

  2. Hello! I'm a fellow Toronto beauty blogger and just found your site. I agree with you completely. I posted something similar this month. come and check out my site.

    (I too need to purchase a domain name)


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