June 14, 2009

re-work it girl! {bridesmaid dresses}

Ladies, do you have old bridesmaid dresses hanging in your closet? You know those awful dresses taking up space in a rainbow of colours. The ones that cost a pretty penny and have never been worn again. Basically because lilacs, baby blue, mint green, peach, and soft pink are not actual shades that look good on everyone. Well pick out that one dress that can be re-worked and wear it to your next event. A few of those dresses can actually be fabulous. With the right adjustments, alterations, and/or accessories you no longer have to look at those eye-sores taking up space. I'm fortunate enough that I only have four bridesmaid dresses hanging in the back of the closet but for those like Katherine Heigl's character in 27 Dresses, who devoted a whole closet to her bridesmaid dresses its time to do something about it. Thankfully in my case a couple of these dresses are worthy of wear time again and being that I'm trying to recycle what I own here's my interpretation of a re-worked bridesmaid dress.

bridesmaid dress reworked
bridesmaid dress reworked by beautyparler featuring Bvlgari jewelry

The key here is to keep the attention away from the dress (if its really ugly) and draw attention to other areas. As I mentioned, fortunate for me two of the four dresses are wearable and similar to the one in the pic. I could've added a belt to dress it down but instead I opted to wear modern killer* heels, a big cocktail ring, a big clutch (no need to match the clutch to the shoes, its not the 90's anymore), and simple earrings. Lastly, since I have an upcoming wedding to attend this look is for that event. Therefore, I wanted a smokey eye paired with a nude lip.

Share any bridesmaid stories you might have in my comments section!

*killer as in f-ing fabulous



  1. Bridesmaid dresses are really important... Their dresses should be according to the wedding theme!!

  2. Where is that dress form? We are looking for something like that

  3. that blue linen dress is from Forever21. If you click on the pic it will take you to Polyvore where you can find where to purchase those items. Hope that helps!!


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