June 22, 2009

using primer on your canvas {CoverFx BritePrep Primer review}

Just like a canvas needs primer so does your face, atleast on those special occasions. In the past I had never tried face primers but when the opportunity arose to try out CoverFx's BritePrep FX I couldn't pass. Using a primer on your face makes sense, foundation goes on smoother & lasts longer. Also, BritePrep FX has many other excellent additives such as SPF 50 and vitamins.
"The latest in skin brightening technology, this complex has the ability to lighten dark spots, minimize brown spots and reduce the degree of tanning after UV exposure. Briteprep FX also includes Cover FX’s exclusive peptide complex and Vitamins F.A.C.E. reduce fine lines and wrinkles, boost collagen production and protects with anti-oxidants. With continued use, skin has less variance in pigmentation, appears more radiant and has fewer fine lines and wrinkles for a smoother, more youthful look. " (CoverFX BritePrepFX press release)
I use BritePrep FX on those days that I wear a bit more make-up than normal,
such as functions or long work days. I find that my skin looks glowy without the oily effect & t-zone doesn't get shiny. Skin looks radiant and best of all it has sun protection therefore no need for extra sunscreen, which means less products on the skin. BritePrep FX is also paraban-free, fragrance-free & great for those with sensitive skin.
BritePrep FX is available at Shoppers Drug Mart/Pharmaprix, Jean Coutu, The Bay, Sephora, Sephora.com and select Nordstrom stores $45 for each 30 ml tube (image courtesy of coverfx.com)


  1. hey Monica! it was so nice to meet you last night. and your primer entry came at a good time because i need some! would you say briteprep primer is better than smashbox?

  2. Hi Janet, I had a great time yesterday & glad I got to meet you too:)
    As for the primers, this is the only primer I have tried (go figure & I'm a beauty addict). I really liked the BritePrep because of the added SPF & all the other good ingredients. When I use this I don't bother with moisturizer this does the job. Hope that helps:)

  3. Hi Janet! (And Monica -- *grin*)

    Depends which Smashbox primer you mean, Janet. If you're thinking of the original Smashbox Photofinish, the CoverFX differs in its peptide-and-vitamin-enriched formulation, as well as SPF. If you're thinking Smashbox Photofinish Light, the two have different finishes. Smashbox Photofinish Light is more like a light, quick-absorb lotion, whereas the original and the CoverFX have more of a silicone texture.

    Monica, did you see yourself on Janet's post about last night? :-) http://torontostyles.com/

  4. Hi Janine, It was nice meeting you last night (finally). Yes, I saw that Janet posted a pic of me. I tend to be a little camera shy.
    Also, thanks for the primer run-down I'm sure Janet will love it:)

  5. Thank you, Monica and Janine for the tips! I'll test all three out before I purchase one. <3


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