July 20, 2009

For the Love of Sugar...{LUSH's Sugar Scrub review}

Most of you know that I'm a fan of LUSH! Recently I had the chance to try out the newest addition to the LUSH family, Sugar Scrubs. These scrubs sure are sweet (no I didn't eat them but I sure was tempted), made with Fair Trade Sugar & loaded with skin moisturizing ingredients. There are two Sugar Scrubs;
As you probably know by now, one of our aims in life is to make as many things solid as possible to eliminate unnecessary packaging. Rowena, a lovely product inventor, dreamed up this new fabulous innovative scrub. Full of moisturizing extra virgin coconut oil which solidifies into a butter to leave skin super soft and scented with ylang ylang flowers and mimosa blossom, so we can smell supremely sweet (just like sugar). (LUSH.ca)
Our Sugar Scrub is hard, but a bit of a sweetie. It stands for no nonsense as it stimulates activity where there was once sluggishness, and it tackles cellulite with fennel and ginger. Skin calming lavender has a balancing effect. Get yourself wet in the shower or bath but don't let the bar get under the running water or it's lost before it's has a chance to prove itself, scrub and rinse. It doesn't waste any time getting down to business and getting the job done. (LUSH.ca)

Love! Love! Love! Apply to wet skin is key so that scrub adheres to skin, don't put the whole scrub under running water or else it will melt. With wet hands I first lathered up the scrub & applied to body. Yes, lathered up! That's what I love about the Sugar Scrubs, although they are scrubs they do gently lather & melt into the skin, and they don't scratch. Perfectly scented & leave skin soft & moisturized.
Retails for $4.95 cdn, although the scrubs are meant to be used one per shower you can definitely get more use out of them. For me a little goes along way & use only on rough spots.

(images: lush.ca)

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