July 30, 2009

a mini-getaway

I'm crossing the big pond today, off to Portugal. Be back to regular posting next week. In the meantime you can catch-up with posts from the past by searching topics your interested in using the search box located upper-right column or clicking on topics in the labels column on the left. Have a good weekend!
(image: my own collection)


  1. omg that place looks amazing! such a narrow cute road! something you cant find here in melb! hope you have a good time! x

  2. Well, good luck! Can’t wait to read your next blog.

  3. Have a fun and enjoyable day! I’ll keep in touch of your next post.

  4. That area in the pics is in Lisbon in the Bairro Alto area. Those streetcars are famous:)

  5. I never thought I'd be finding photos like this in your blog! That's such a nice area of Lisbon. Espero mesmo que tenhas gostado!

  6. Hi Milk Woman:)I taught English in Lisbon two years ago:) And my parents are Portuguese, so I'm Luso-Canadian. Obrigada!


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