August 13, 2009

get natural with your skincare {the Green Beaver Company review}

Everytime I'd go to the health food store I'd eye the Green Beaver Company skincare products. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to try the whole range of skincare items and absolutely adored these products. For those skincare junkies who have been looking for 100% natural products I highly suggest you have a look at the Green Beaver Company. Several factors implored me to try out the products; 100% natural certified organic (with as many Canadian grown ingredients) & biodegradable , utilizes ecologically sound packaging materials that are recyclable, no chemical fragrances, no dyes, no detergents & preservatives. The Green Beaver Company skincare range contains aloe vera as their base ingredient, which is a great natural remedy for troubled-sensitive skin. The real standouts in the skincare range were;

Daily Facial Cleanser with Purifying Grapefruit & Soothing Aloe
This was one of my favourite's from the Green Beaver Company.
Gently lathers to remove makeup leaves skin soft not tight. I don't like cleansers that leave that tight/dry itchy feeling & this cleanser definitely doesn't do that. I recommend using an eye-makeup remover prior to using the cleanser. This cleanser is gentle so waterproof eye-makeup or thicker mascara will need an extra step in removal.
Retails $12.99 cdn

Blemish Mousse
Oil free liquid which foams due to its pumping action. Made with lemon extracts and witch hazel. I use this as a toner. After washing my face with the Purifying Grapefruit facial cleanser I saturate a cotton pad with the mousse & wipe skin. Leaves skin refreshed & removes any traces of makeup left.
Retails $12.99 cdn

Apres-Ski Winter Face Cream
Contains shea & cocoa butter, colloidal oatmeal, aloe and a few more naturally good ingredients. This is for the driest of skintypes & will be perfect for Canadian winters. As I tend to be oilier in the Summer this cream is too moisturizing for my face therefore I've been using it as an eye & hand cream. The scent reminds me of beeswax candles which I love!
Retails $11.75

Winter Lip Balm
Emollient & soothing! Lips are soft, moisturized, and flake-free. The only thing that is missing is an SPF other than that works well. I love applying this to my lips before bedtime & in the morning my lips are baby soft.

Unlike other natural based skincare lines the Green Beaver Company is definitely affordable and available at natural health food stores across Canada.


  1. This sounds pretty cool! And if you are a fan, I should go and check it out :)

  2. I think you'll really like the cleanser! Not sure on your skin type but I believe that this would work on most skintypes as its non-drying. Also, at these proces there's nothing to loose:)

  3. Interesting! I will have to keep my eyes open for this.



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