September 02, 2009

not your Grandmother's makeup...anymore {Mary Kay Fall/Holiday reviews}

What comes to mind when you see a pink Cadillac? Mary Kay of course! Although they are a rare sight in Canada I have seen quite a few in the States. If you see one with the Mary Kay logo that means that's you've just witnessed a top seller in her/his own Career Car. Which is a reward given to the Mary Kay consultant as a recognition for their hard work. With that being said most women of my generation & younger usually associate Mary Kay as our Grandmother's & Mother's makeup of choice. And quite frankly I admire older women as I find they never leave the house without their signature lipstick in their purse. They're always on point! For the record Mary Kay is not old-fashion or not with the times & definitely not just for grandmothers. In fact I was very impressed when I attended a preview event for their Fall/Holiday collection.

Let's get to the review:
(top pic) is the Mary Kay Mineral Cheek Colour Palette in shade Silk Nectar & Mary Kay nourishine lip gloss in shade Fancy Nancy. Of the two cheek palettes this is my favourite shade. I've been using this almost everyday, why? Love the colour payoff. Pigmented cheek colour, smooth and soft mineral pressed powder. Contains vitamins A, C & E. Of the two lipglosses the fancy nancy shade is also my fave. Very emollient & shiny! Also has slight vanilla scent that surprisingly doesn't bother my nose (I prefer non-scented lipglosses).

The shade of the bottom palette is Soft Sable in the blush & Bronze Bliss lipgloss. For me this blush works better as a bronzer & I have to use a light-hand when applying as it can get dark. Great colour for those that are medium to tanned tone.

Unfortunately I don't have pictures from the event as I forgot my camera in my car & attended the event late due to my work schedule. There were lots of other goodies! Look out for an upcoming review on their Loose Eye Shadows with swatch pictures & an eye look.

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  1. I'm intrigued by Mary Kay again. I always thought they were my grandma's makeup line but clearly things are changing.

    Would love to know about these events someday!


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