October 20, 2009

get Fresh {freshMinerals review}

If your eyes are the windows to your soul than your eyelashes are the curtains! And curtains my friends need a gorgeous treatment, mascara. Most of my beauty reviews are on mascara, why? Because its the one item I don't leave the house without. It gives my face an awake look, fresh, and vibrant. My latest mascara trial is freshMinerals Super Volume Mascara. I'll be honest I had never heard of freshMinerals so when I received the PR pitch to try the brand I couldn't resist reviewing the brand. Since that time I've only seen this brand at Lawtons in Halifax therefore not sure where else you can find it in Canada. Anyhow, I'm sure soon enough freshMinerals will be everywhere! Onto the review:

I was sent the SlyEye Collection which included the Super Volume Mascara, Liquid Eyeliner, and Pencil Eyeliner. Retails for $12 US How good is that price??
freshMinerals Super Volume Mascara, finally a company that knows not to mess with a good bristle brush wand. I love the "old school" mascara fat bristle brush! Thankfully I've been blessed with long lashes so what I look for in a mascara is volume. This mascara delivers just that! Doesn't flake or smudge and doesn't irritate my contact lenses. Does take a few wipes of makeup remover to get it all off but it's worth it. I tried it in Black. Retail price $10 (if purchased separately) freshMinerals Waterproof Liquid Liner, this product reminds me of a felt marker. Easy to use, dipenses good amount of liquid, and doesn't smudge. Retail price $8.00 US
freshMinerals Automatic Waterproof Liner, this is a smooth, soft pencil so for that reason prefer using it on my waterline. Colour used, Black. Retail price $4.00
Overall, my favourite product of all three was the mascara. But if you can find the kit I highly recommend it as it is a great price and the liners performed what they're suppose to do. I would like to check out their foundations & concealers next time I'm at Lawtons.
For more information on freshMinerals check out their site!

(images & products courtesy of fresminerals)

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