November 11, 2009

back to regular schedule

Lots to post about so little time...and when your feeling a little under the weather it doesn't help. All thanks to this guy....

Long story short, last Thursday I got to shake hands with a real Prince. My boyfriend's in the Canadian Army Reserves therefore I received an invitation to an event here in Toronto. Of course these last few days the weather has been sunny and mild for this time of year but not last froze my butt. For 3.5 hours I sat on the bleachers of Varsity Stadium, first there was sun (so that was ok), after snow pellets (thank goodness for the umbrella & Tim Hortons' tea) and lastly clouds & cold. Brrr! But it was worth watching my boyfriend parade in his uniform:) After sleeping all day today I think I finally beat this bug! Hopefully tomorrow I can resume with regular posting and playing catch-up with past due posts.

Lets Remember! (poppy pic

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