November 29, 2009

beauty for my ears {a little Sunday listening pleasure}

I'm off to bed at 8pm...must rise early tomorrow at 4:30am! For those that have recently started reading my blog {thank you, merci, obrigada, gracias, grazie} aside from blogging I'm a flight attendant. Something has to pay for this beauty addiction:) For the next few months I've taken on a temporary position within the airline, I'm coaching flight attendants on a new program at work. But I won't bore you with work related office duties...only of course travel related beauty finds. Anyhow, as I'm here ironing my clothes for tomorrow I'm listening to a few of my favourite music tracks so I thought I'd share. I've posted the above pic before and I absolutely love that photo by SheHitPauseStudios, must put it on the Holiday wishlist! Enjoy & happy Sunday night!

(image: SheHitPauseStudios-Girl with toy plane)

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