November 17, 2009

For the love of Makeup {IMATS Toronto}

You know your a beauty junkie when you attend the International Makeup-Artist Trade Show and your not even a professional makeup-artist. Well you don't have to be! Also know as the IMATS, everyone is welcome! If your lucky enough to live in or near one of the five IMATS locations; Toronto, Sydney, London, Vancouver and Los Angeles, set a date with your friends and make a day out of it. IMATS features some of the best makeup brands in the World, you'll get to meet some of the top players in the industry, product demonstrations, swatch products, and best of all most vendors offer discounts on products.

For more info & tickets:
November 21 & 22, 2009
Heritage Court (inside the Direct Energy-the CNE)
100 Princes’ Blvd. in Toronto
SATURDAY 8:30am-5pm
SUNDAY 10am-5pm
Ticket prices at the door
$40 CAD for one day
$70 CAD for two day
Or in advance
$35 CAD for one day
The show is open to the public.
No make-up artist credentials are required to get you in the door.
I've begun my plan of attack, I mean checklist:
Of course the more popular brands Make Up Forever, Cover FX, Face atelier, etc...But I can't wait to play with Kryolan, Ben Nye, Eve Pearl, Crown Brushes (very popular), Joe Blasco (used to be sold at Pir Cosmetics here in Toronto, not sure where its sold currently), and much more! I'm also planning on meeting up with a few Toronto beauty bloggers so fun is on the top of the list!
Have any of you been to IMATS in the past? Share some tips or comments! Or are any of you planning on attending the IMATS Toronto? Let me know!
(pics from the LA show courtesy of


  1. Which day are you going? And who are you going with :-) We can make a bigger group of bloggers there

  2. Sunday! Michelle from Lipstick Rules had mentioned a group so once I finalize details I can organize. I believe your in this group? Its going to fun!

  3. Yes - Halifax and Monica -- we are all going on Sunday! Yahoo!! so excited.

    Let's start organizing where to meet up and when. I need to pick up my tickets at Will Call section. I'm planning to be there before 10 on Sunday.

  4. Maybe a Second Cup pit stop is in order! Email me privately so we can plan the IMATS attack:) OK wallet is not going to like this!

  5. OMG I so want to go to IMATS. I little piece of me is going there with you mentally. Have fun and please come back and share your tips on how to get the most out of the next IMATS event!

    By the way, I've tagged you to do a color tag, and the color is Green! I know we're all busy, so just do that whenever you can! :)

  6. WOAH is that picture of the woman in black with the hand on her neck amazing!!!!!!

    Sounds like such a great event..wish we had that here!!

  7. Hey Tali,
    There is an IMATS show in London as well:)


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