November 12, 2009

on board the Beauty Board {BlushPretty presents...}

Beauty junkies + beauty amateurs + beauty products + sangria= the perfect formula for a girls night out! That's exactly what to expect at the Beauty Board hosted by the lovely and talented makeup artist Stephanie from Blush Pretty. If you missed it than no worries there will be another one in April so mark your calendars, and don't say I didn't advise you about this past event here! The Beauty Board events are a perfect way to spend the evening with other gals who also share your love for beauty products but you don't have to be a beauty expert. You get a chance to test out skincare and makeup products without the pressure to purchase. You also are given a feedback sheet to fill-out about the products that are being presented that evening. Sort of like a focus group but without the advertising executives hidden behind the one-way mirror. Your honesty here is appreciated! At the end of the night you were also given a goody bag with lots of skincare treats from Dermaglow, Olay, Cover Girl, and a coupon for the Sewing Studio (hope I didn't leave anything out). Here are a few pics from the event:

the goody bags, a few Olay products to play with

Dermaglow products on hand & their reps were there too with lots of info to share

Canadian DaLish cosmetics and skincare, OMG! I love the smell of the Strawberry Body Butter and really nice lipglosses. Didn't try the foundation on my face but interesting concept check it out here.
Thanks to Stephanie for the invite hope I can go to the next one! Anyone go to this event? Would you be interested in attending? Let me know in the comment section.

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  1. Hi, I just stumbled onto your blog. This looks like an exciting event. Where is this located ?

    Email me at

  2. cool! would love to attend the next one!!


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