November 27, 2009

a quickie {beautyparler poll}

A quick poll! Just want to know what kind of posts my readers like best:
(a) hauls
(b) reviews
(c) travel/beauty related
(d) beauty/fashion events
(e) makeup swatches
(f) would you like to FOTD (photos of the day)
Or add any other posts you'd like to see! Respond in the comment section by using the corresponding letter. Any other comments also appreciated. Thank you & have a good weekend & to my friends south of the border have a good Thanksgiving weekend!



  1. I like reviews! Because that means I don't have to buy something that isn't up to par :)

  2. I like (c) travel/beauty related posts :)

  3. how about all of the above?? :)

  4. I would love reading all of the above haha. Sorry no help to your survey, but it's true because the variety is nice!

  5. I like reviews! Like what Nelia said, I don't have to buy something that's waste of my money.

  6. I agree, I like ll of the above! However, i do like the travel beauty, can you guess why? Hahaha. I like the fashion, too and reviews

    ps this means YYT has free wifi!

  7. I always like reading reviews and pretty FOTDs. BTW I added you to my link loves. :)

  8. I'm fine with all, actually, but if I had to choose, then it would be reviews, travel/beauty related and FOTDs. :)


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