December 14, 2009

How Naughty {Locher's Paris}

If you've been a naughty girl this year (or not) you have to check out Locher's Paris! This online boutique is the cutest shit & I mean that in an endearing way (once you check out the store you'll understand the usage of my language). I blogged about this sweet online presence last year, check it out! Anyhow, they have created the cutest handmade clutches and lipstick holders, which of course include your choice of charming sayings!
As I'm a "noisy little porker" that's subscribed to their newsletter I recently received a coupon code CUPCAKE for 20% off all items until December 20th (hope they don't mind that I'm passing on the amour).



  1. A lipstick holder is such an awesome, vintage-glam thing to use. This might just have to go on my Christmas list...

  2. Oh how beautiful. Thank you for this information :)

    Hugs, Raru


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