December 24, 2009

an Inspirational trail {tiny gingerbread houses}

For those beauty junkies that love to bake or just love a good cup of coffee and/or tea with a little sweet on the cute are these tiny gingerbread houses perched on a mug! There are so many talented bloggers out in cyber space that they inspire me to try new things, in this case baking! My inspirational trail was found via blogger Raru of 79ideas who blogged about these delicious tiny treats made by Megan from notMartha. They almost look too cute to eat! And nothing says "Holiday Spirit" more than baking...Enjoy!

(images: notMartha)


  1. You're right, they look too cute to eat! But I bet they also taste delicious! I'd seen similar mug biscuits before, but never a whole house perched on the rim, very festive indeed! xx

  2. TOO CUTE! I wouldnt be able to eat mine!!

  3. that is a cute Holiday party idea!!

    Jen Ramos
    'Cards & Prints You'll Love...'

  4. I'd love to bake them myself! then maybe i don't have to make fake gingerbread house again. lol


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