December 11, 2009

Keep Calm...{Holiday Shopping}

The dreaded shopping mall parking lot...the hoards of Holiday shoppers. Holiday shopping can be dreadful & stressful. On that note who has finished their Holiday shopping? Anyone buy their gifts online? Usually I buy little gifts on layovers. However, this year I stopped flying (I'm a flight attendant just in case you haven't read past posts)mid-November because of a new temporary position I have taken on at work which means that moi didn't prepare. These Holiday cards from 3LambsGraphics('t have said it better...


  1. Haha! That's so cute. Urban Outfitters has plasters/band-aids in a case that says Keep Calm and Carry On

  2. I have to get to an Urban Outfitters, they always have the cutest things!

  3. Agree! I <3 UO!

    And Mon, I am almost done with my shopping! 1 gift every day, and wrap them as soon as I get home. So far it's been easy. Of course I created a spreadsheet and a schedule too...:) Hope your holidays are full of CHEER!


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