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Anyone for the Spa? {SPA WEEK®1st Annual National Wellness Giveaway}

Who doesn't like to go to the Spa? I see no hands up so that means everyone loves to go! Start 2010 off right and enter SPA WEEK® 1st Annual National Wellness Giveaway! 28 lucky winners from across North America (including Canada) will win a day at the spa in their region. Deadline to enter is February 28, 2010!
For those in the Toronto area, Windsor Arms Spa is the featured participant:
•60 Min Spa Facial
•60 Min Swedish Massage
•Classic Manicure
•Classic Pedicure
•Pass to the steam room and other amenities, including indoor pool and fitness facilities

Don't miss this awesome giveaway! I know I'm in need of a day at the Spa.
How many of you go regularly to Spas? Any favourite Spas?


  1. I so need a day at the spa! Thanks for reminding me...xo

  2. What's a swedish massage? Sounds like porn!

  3. I had to google the exact meaning but it is a message:
    -oils are used to facilitate gentle, smooth strokes (hmm sounds like a porn:)
    -firm but gentle pressure to promote relaxation, ease muscle tension
    Pretty much sums it up!


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