January 18, 2010

Bye prescription glasses...Bye contact lenses {Lasik surgery}

bye bye
As a Birthday gift to moi I have finally decided to get Lasik surgery and I am so excited and nervous. This is a prodcedure that I have researched and contemplated for years! Being that I'm in my early 30's and my prescription has not changed in the last few years I feel like "I'm up to bat". My question is:
Have any of you had Lasik done? Experiences (the good & the ugly please)?


  1. Both of my parents had eye surgery. My dad had lasik when it first came out. Both eyes healed up fine but he slept a ton after and had very itchy eyes. He recomends getting a lot of eyedrops like visene. Because they will give you antibiotic eyedrops which will dry out the eyes.

    My mom took about 2 weeks to heal rather than the 5 days it took my dad but she did not have lasik she had the lense replaced due to cataracts.

    You should be fine just make sure for the first day or two you have someone to help you with getting food and such. other than that after the first day you can take off the guards during the day time and you will be fine. (you have to wear the guards at night for like two weeks so you dont itch in your sleep). Also get good sunglasses with broad spectrum protection. you will need them

  2. I've had both LASIK and PRK, one on each eye. When I got my first eye done, LASIK wasn't really on offer in England so I had no choice but to have PRK. A few years later, when I did my other eye, LASIK was all the rage and is indeed a far better procedure, both for long-term results and for recovery time.
    I was not a particularly good candidate for laser surgery because I was very short sighted, about -7 (the maximum they would treat at the time, I don't know if it still is) and my prescription for astigmatism was outside the range that they would treat, so they were a bit dubious and told me I would never get better than 70% vision. This didn't bother me that much as by that time I could no longer wear contact lenses as they were so thick for my prescription that my eye couldn't support the lens, it kept slipping down, and I have a very flat-bridged nose so glasses of any kind were so heavy they slipped down without an odd-looking industrial-style clip to hold them. Yes, not fun. So the way I saw it, with 70% vision, I would still be able to wear normal sized glasses and live a fairly normal life.
    I have to say, my vision now is more like 90%. For me, the results were great and I wholeheartedly recommend the operation to others. That said, it's your eyes, they're not something to mess with lightly. It pisses me off to see adverts saying 'do laser eye surgery in your lunchbreak!'. No way. Do your research, take your time, interview different surgeons. It may have worked out great for me but there are serious side-effects and you need to know what you're getting into.
    I only wear glasses for driving at night now, that's because I get particularly bad halos from headlights as I have abnormally large pupils and the machine couldn't reach my whole pupil, but to be honest I got that anyway before the operation and wearing the cute glasses I can get away with now doesn't bother me in the slightest. Most people shouldn't get it that badly.
    I hope this was helpful and that you go ahead and it works as well for you as it did for me :-).
    Don't hesitate to contact me if you want any more info.

  3. Wow~~, I have always want to do it too. But, Still afraid if it gets wrong.
    Let me know the results.:)

  4. Thank you so much for your comments:) It means alot!
    I'll be travelling to Colombia actually to get the procedure done. I'm going to one of the best Lasik doctor's in Medellin, my BF & another 4 friends of mine have gone to this doctor. My big day (for pre-op) is Jan.28 (a day before my Bday):) As of today I'm wearing my glasses & it feels so weird because no one at work knew I wore glasses. I never wear my glasses at work not even on red-eye flights or 15 hour flights, bad I know!
    Thanks again for the comments!

  5. hummmm, a really interasting blog! and love your banner (L)

    XoXo, cassie

  6. Hey, Monica,

    Is your birthday on Jan29?? Wow~~ mine too.
    Small world, ah??
    Good luck!

  7. Kate-OMG! That's so cool! We share our days with Oprah, Heather Graham & Tom Selleck LOL!

  8. I have not had such a surgery but I wish you luck with it!

  9. my husband had the surgery. Although he does benefit from not wearing glasses anymore he does see a halo when driving in the evening...which cannot be corrected with glass.

    He is also experiencing deterioration in one eye…again cannot be helped by glasses/contacts.

    In his point of view…if he could do it all over again…he wouldn’t.

    Not trying to be a damper, just trying to give you both sides of the story.

    That being said, I wear glasses and there are days where it’s just a PITA so, I totally get why you would want to have the surgery

    PS How did you find out about the doctor you are using?

  10. Several of my friends have gone to this specific doctor including my boyfriend who had the procedure done in 2004. Out of the 4 only one has experienced that Halo effect you write about. Of course that is a possibility & no way of determining the outcome. And yes I want both sides of the story:) Where did your husband get the LASIK done?


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