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I'll take collagen with my coffee...{Nescafe 3in1 coffee}

I love coffee! And not just any coffee it has to be either a shot of espresso or latte. I have a feeling it all began with a baby bottle and a shot of espresso (thanks mom & dad)...but I'm not one of those coffee drinkers who "has" to have their morning fix to wake-up. No its more of an enjoyment of the drink & I limit myself to two a day however this might have to change! Nestle has introduced a line of coffee with health benefits into their NESCAFÉ® Body Partner line, its 3 in 1 with Collagen. The launch is only in Singapore, which is not surprising as having been to China and Japan, the market and trend in Asia for well-being products with added beauty benefits is huge.

What are your thoughts of everyday food/drink products having added beauty benefits?

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  1. Hmm, surely coffee is no fun if it's good for you?

  2. I'm really unsure about the idea of collagen being added to my coffee. I think I'd prefer it au natural thanks.

  3. I Love COFFEE!! If its good for me, then it's the one thing right I am doing!

  4. I love my coffee the good old fashion way too:) I'm not even for the instant kind (unless I'm desperate & working on a flight):)

  5. I really like the idea. If I can find someone in Singapore to send me this coffee... Maybe on ebay? :-P I just wonder how it taste.

  6. Hi, I'm Singaporean!

    This coffee is double the price of regular packet-and-pour coffees available in the supermarket. I've not tasted it but I wonder if there's any difference in taste ... or effects.

  7. I don't need my coffee to do great things for me, it does enough. Of course, if it *happened* to make me skinny and model-gorgeous who would I be to say no?

  8. Songnisorrisi:

    How can Coffee make you skinny? I ate too much during holiday. Need to lose some extra weight now.



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