January 23, 2010

January Beauty Favourites

january faves

january faves by beautyparler on Polyvore.

This month my favourites are a few oldies revisited, a few newbies like the SKII Facial Treatment Essence (with a detailed review to follow shortly), Burt's Bees Super Shiny lipgloss and Burt's Bees Daily Cleanser, and Yves Rocher Fatigue Cleanser. My ultimate shampoo (one of my faveourites of all time) is Garnier Ultra Suave Shampoo with Henna & blackberry vinegar (multiple repurchase but not sold in North America) and the Ultra Suave conditioner is a newbie (review of both to follow). Lots of cleansers! But they all serve their purpose, either as my morning (Burt's Bees) or evening cleanser (Yves Rocher) and one as a makeup-remover (FANCL Mild Cleansing Oil).
Also pictured:
Crest Expression toothpaste in Cinnamon
Nars Lovejoy blush (an old fave)
Any beauty favourites for the month of January?

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  1. my big beauty find of the month is the benefit sugarbomb. It's a great sheer powder blush which acts as such a great pick me up. Swoon! :)


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