January 17, 2010

Must have beauty product of the moment {NARS Orgasm illuminator}

When all else fails just fake it ladies...in this case NARS Orgasm illuminator will hopefully do the trick! In my current makeup stash sits the original NARS Orgasm powder blush and Orgasm lipgloss so what's one more Orgasm ( hello! 3x an orgasm is a charm). OK enough with the faking it! But seriously the Nars Orgasm illuminator is going on my wishlist...all the way to the top!

Has anyone tried it yet? The Illuminator that is (ha ha sorry had to throw that in)...

*only available at Sephora
(image: sephora.com)


  1. I've seen a couple of posts about this coming out recently and it's definitely something I'd be interested in trying. I have NARS Orgasm blush and love it. I'm adding this to my wishlist too!

  2. I tried the blush, but wasn't a fan...was too much for my skin! How does this illuminator work? Is it subtle?

  3. Actually the blush looks very subtle on me & the gloss is not my favourite, however, I so want the illuminator (haven't tried it yet its wishlist). But I love cream formulations especially for Spring as it adds a nice sheen:)

  4. I have my eyes on it too. I have the orgasm blush and lipgloss. Love the blush, hate the lipgloss taste. ( but i like the colour).
    Hope this one could give my winter pale face a bit lift!
    Is it out in Sephora yet?

  5. Online its available not sure if all Sephora stores have it in-store.


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