March 08, 2010

a girl and her makeup sale {Estee Lauder Warehouse event}

This past weekend I went to my first ever Estee Lauder Sale, by invite only, in the Toronto area. Luckily, I went on Friday (the first day of the sale) and found most items that I wanted in stock. I also went mid-afternoon missing the morning and evening rush, perfect! The event was very well-organized and calm. My plan of attack...nothing really. I didn't know what to expect but I did have a budget that I went over by a "little".
Here's the list:
Origins Clean Energy Gentle Cleasning Oil (awesome stuff!)
MAC Charged Water skin Hydrating Mist in the Youth Aura version (liking this too!)
haven't tried any of the other items yet
MAC Nail Lacquers in Seasonal Peach, and Love & Friendship
MAC pigment in Blue/Brown
MAC eye shadow in Apres-Ski
MAC shadestick in Pink Couture
MAC blushcreme in Sweet William
Bobbi Brown Luminous Moisturizing Foundation in Beige
MAC lipsticks in Hue, Way to Love, Party Mate
Estee Lauder lipstick in Tender Mauve
MAC Charity bag (minimum donation of $5.00) came with 4 items & depending on what day you went it varied, all MAC items:
lipstick in Hipster, eye liner in Fly-by-Blu, blush in Notable, eye shadow in Glamour Check
Free Gift:
MAC mineralize skinfinish in Perfect Topping
Have any of you've been to cosmetic warehouse events in your area? Any of your favourites in my list?


  1. Hi Monica!

    Love your haul - sounds like you had ideal conditions to visit the sale!

    It was great you picked up the Origins oil - guess that won't be made anymore, huh?

    I love the bags they used for the Charity bags - I think they were the ribbon ones from the Christas collection?

  2. The Origins cleansing oil looks fab. I think that I'll have to give it a try once I finish my cleanse off oil.

  3. The charity bag I got didn't come with a cosmetic bag, just a clear plastic baggie:) Although on Saturday it was a different bag.
    The Origins oil is really good, I wanted the MAC one but didn't find it.

  4. Wow. Here in Czech Republic I even didn't know that something like this exist :)))
    I mean "cosmetic warehouse event" :)))

  5. I have been hearing a lot about warehouse sales by invite only. Can you give some more info about that? How can you snag an invite, etc?

  6. Ashwini-its a Friends & Family event, basically someone that works within the company that you know has to get you the invite. In my case a MAC rep gave it to me:)

  7. Great haul! Looks like we got a few of the same things. We were definitely lucky to have been able to go on Friday! :)

  8. our Estee Lauder warehouse sale is in July and that's the biggest sale of the year for me. madness

  9. Great haul! I got the charged water at a CCO and love to put it in the fridge for a mist during the summer. Wish I could go!


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