April 19, 2010

Blush Pretty Beauty Board recap {local events}

Yesterday I got to schmooze with other beauty junkies at Blush Pretty's Beauty Board event, this was my second event. What a great time I had and I also got a manicure gratis! Now that's how you get to a woman's heart, offer free mani, a filled to the brim loot bag, and martinis. Maybe not in that order but hey who cares...good times. I also got to meet other great beauty aficionados! Brands we got to play with & a few included in the loot bag:
Cake Beauty
DaLish Cosmetics (I bought a lipstick in shade Coral, gorgeous for Spring)
Upper Canada Soap Company
North American Soap Co.
Mai Beauty (a future post to come)
Cheeky Monkey Cosmetics
Mary Kay
Consonant Products

Mary Kay cheek glaze in pomegranate & lip nectar in coconut

Cheeky Monkey nailpolish in Get Wet (llove the names of the nailpolishes)
excuse the greasy hands look, it was from the "quick dry" drops that actually dry your nail polish quickly & moisturizes the cuticles, dries up quick

Thanks to Stephanie from Blush Pretty for the invite!


  1. I want to go next time! How do I get to go? Sounds so great!!

  2. Cocamia. I post about it, I'll let you know about the next one:)

  3. Thank you...xo I really appreciate it!

  4. Hi Monica!

    Met you today and you gave me the link to your blog - just want to say I really like it and thank you again for the nail polish go-to!

  5. Hi Sarah, Nice meeting you too! I'm sure you'll see me there alot as I love Iced Caps!


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