April 27, 2010

a new Girl in town {Mai Beauty}

Mai Beauty is a fresh new Canadian cosmetic company created by 26 year old Maija Reisenauer. She started as a perfumer and started Mai Beauty out of her want to create cosmetics free of harmful chemicals, preservatives, and PETA certified. Her inspiration for the look of the products, the starlets of the Silver Screen era. Mai Beauty lipsticks and glosses are mineral-based and paraben-free! I found the lipsticks to be moisturizing, pigmented, long-lasting and fragrance-free. As for the lipgloss, non-sticky, high-gloss, moisturizing and a slight scent but not offensive. Being the young perfumer that Maija is, she also created two signature fragrances: Sweet and Spice.The perfume oils I received came in both scents but consist of 5 perfume oil vials in each category, sweet and spice, that are meant to be worn alone or combined to suit your own needs.

Overall, Mai Beauty has started off on the right foot. Start off small and build from there, I hope in the near future eyeshadows and foundations will be created.
On my Mai Beauty wishlist: lipsticks in Eva and Andee.

To purchase go online to Mai Beauty, $1 from each purchase goes to PETA.

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  1. the lipsticks look lovely :)

    sounds like a great line. and to be created by someone so young! i feel so unaccomplished :p


  2. Dani-I know what you mean, when I read interviews with such accomplished young people I always compare & think...geez.
    The lipsticks are really nice!

  3. Oh... I LOVE Greta ;)))))
    thank you

  4. those lipsticks look really yummy!

  5. LOVE Olive and Greta! I also couldn't believe how young she is - Canada is full of young women entrepreneurs! yay!


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